Do You Remember The First Time?

It’s been a crazy few weeks since Dark Missives came out. Has to be said. All that build up. All the stress and worry and tension. All the hard work.

Firstly, thanks to everyone who has taken the time to buy and read the book. Every reader is greatly appreciated. Honestly, more than you could possibly know.

So how has the debut book experience been? Honestly? It’s been brilliant. Around the time of release, I was pretty frazzled. Discovering some typos in the book late in the day added to this anxiety but beyond the technicalities of publishing, you never truly know how the book is going to go down.

This is the great adventure of being a writer. What seems like a good idea in your head might not end up as a good story. What reads like a good story to you might not translate to your readers.

All in all, the proof of whether you have a good book or not lies in the opinions of readers and reviewers. Thankfully… that opinion seems to be pretty unanimously positive.

I’ve been really lucky to receive incredibly positive reviews from some wonderful websites. Namely: – Kendall Reviews, Ginger Nuts of Horror, IndieMuse and the Sci-Fi and Fantasy Reviewer. The latter being a really in-depth and perceptive review.

I’ve also appeared on the latest episode of The Joined Up Writing podcast where I talk about indie publishing, building a writing routine and steal some writing advice from Chuck Palahniuk. Click the picture below to listen!

Ultimately, this post is a reflection on whether or not all of this is worth it. The hours spent writing, the hours spent editing. All the time spent marketing and publishing and preparing. Did it live up to expectations? Now I’m officially, properly published, is this whole writing thing worth the hassle?

The simple answer is hell yes. All day, every day. There’s never been more clarity in my mind that this is what I want to do with my time and with my life. Writing is 100%, officially, definitely for me. I’m in this. Full tilt. All the way.

I mean, I knew this all along. But there’s no going back now. Onto the next one!


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