My Fiction Online

My fiction has been published online in numerous outlets, I’ve picked out a selection of my  stories for you here. Be sure to check back from time to time, I’ll post new links as and when they get published.

I’m really grateful to The Other Stories for their continued support of my work and the high-quality production of their podcast. My story ‘Collaboration’ has been picked up for their “Best Of” book and has received some wonderful feedback from listeners. Be warned – this is a dark one!

The Other Stories podcast produced a fantastic version of my story ‘Dustin’ which is a murder mystery set on a Butlins-style holiday camp. I was so happy with how this one came out. Enjoy!

My chapbook ‘Dulce Et Decorum Est’ is available from Demain Press in both ebook and paperback formats. Continuing my historical horror theme, the story follows a young student who discovers his doppelganger on a field trip to a First World War battlefield.

The Other Stories is one of my favourite podcasts so I was delighted when they accepted my short historical fiction piece ‘Anderson’ as part of their War theme. Give yourself 20 mins to enjoy this one, the narration and production are absolutely superb.

I was delighted when the wonderful Liar’s League in London accepted my story ‘Hide. Go Seek’ to be performed at their Halloween Night. Check out the story and video of the superb performance by Math Jones.

My story “The Fifty-Nine Sound” was picked up by Trigger Warning – Short Fiction. I adore the artwork they have on this site, and this one in particular is a cracker. The story takes its name from one of my favourite songs by The Gaslight Anthem. Be sure to check that out too.

My story ‘Compliance’ was published over at Trigger Warning – Short Fiction last year. The story’s protagonist finds himself stuck in the relatable hell of the open plan office, as his workload and work ethic comes under increasing scrutiny.

I had a one hundred word drabble published at Microfiction Monday as part of their Halloween edition in 2014. I really enjoy drabbles, the challenge of writing something coherent (and scary) in exactly one hundred words really sharpens the editing skills.

Christmas is such a wonderful time for horror, the night close in, the weather turns cold and a terrifying fat stranger forces his way into your home. I was delighted to be asked by This Is Horror to contribute to their Christmas short fiction drive a few years ago. Try not to sing the song as you read ‘Santa Claus is comin’ to town’.