Hi, thanks for visiting my website!

I’m Dan Howarth, a writer from the North of England. I mostly write horror, which is fitting as I am Mancunian born but now find myself living on Merseyside.

I am the author of Dark Missives, a collection of short horror fiction. Dark Missives is my first full-length release as a writer and collects a eleven of my short stories from various places as well as some original stories.

My stories have featured in numerous publications both online and in print. Most notably, a number of my stories have featured at The Other Stories podcast where they have been downloaded over 100,000 times.

I have also co-edited three themed anthologies with James Everington. The Hyde Hotel (2016) collects stories from a range of writers, including one of my own, with all stories set in the same sinister hotel. Imposter Syndrome (2017) collates stories from a diverse set of writers on the theme of doubles and doppelgangers. Imposter Syndrome was short-listed for a British Fantasy Society Award in 2018. Pareidolia (2019) collects stories about the phenomenon of seeing faces in other objects.

When I’m not writing, I enjoy craft beer, German football and barbecue food.