Book Rec – Overnight by Philip Fracassi


I’m often way behind on my reading, aren’t we all? It took me a horrendously long time for Philip Fracassi’s wonderful collection Behold the Void to make its way to the top of my teetering “to be read” pile. But when I picked it up, holy shit, did it blow me away! “Fail-Safe” and “Altar” immediately went on my list of stories that I would’ve cut my own legs off to have written. Behold the Void is one of those books that grabs you by the face and doesn’t let go.

So when Overnight dropped from the wonderful people at Unnerving, it blew all other books out of the water and I simply had to read it straight away. And it didn’t disappoint. Overnight is a sleazy morality tale about a security guard on a film set that is drawn into a morally dubious arrangement with the “biggest fan” of the film’s lead actress.

The story is crammed with Fracassi’s usual superb wordsmanship and fully-rounded characters. It carries a sense of dread from the start and the set-up provides numerous avenues for the story to run down. For the record, it did not end up where I thought it was going! Another bonus.

Overnight is a quick read but one densely packed with detail and suspense. I won’t reveal more about the overall storyline for fear of spoilers but I would say, the story really delivers on a great premise.

Get yourself a copy on Kindle over at Amazon. Or better yet, get it in a lovely hardback edition straight from the source at Unnerving.