Good Things – Awards Season

This is just a quick post to mention two good things that have happened in my writing world of late. Firstly, against any of my expectations, Imposter Syndrome,  that I co-edited with James Everington has been short-listed for Best Anthology at the British Fantasy Society Awards.

The long-list came out ages ago and it had slipped from my mind so to see the book make the final cut is fantastic. It has to be said that this anthology is where it is due to the fantastic quality of the stories sent in by our wonderful authors. Thanks must also go to my co-editor James, Ross and Anthony at Dark Minds Press and Neil Williamson who designed the cover art. As well as all of the readers who picked up a copy. Here’s hoping we can scoop the trophy in October!

The full anthology category is listed below. There is some fantastic competition and congratulations to all of the other nominees.

Best Anthology
· 2084, ed. George Sandison (Unsung Stories)
· Dark Satanic Mills: Great British Horror Book 2, ed. Steve Shaw (Black Shuck Books)
· Imposter Syndrome, ed. James Everington & Dan Howarth (Dark Minds Press)
· New Fears, ed. Mark Morris (Titan Books)
· Pacific Monsters, ed. Margret Helgadottir (Fox Spirit)

Pick up your copy of Imposter Syndrome here: – (UK | US)

In other news, my contributor copies of Stories of the Dead: A Tribute to George A. Romero have arrived, and they look absolutely stunning. The book is a charity anthology and contains stories from great writers such as Rich Hawkins and Anthony Watson. My story “Grounded” leads off the TOC and I’m really proud to have been involved. It’s been a fantastic experience working with Duncan Bradshaw and David Owain Hughes on this book. Pick up your copy here.


The First Cut


For a long time, I have talked a good game when it comes to my writing. I’ve sat in on the This Is Horror podcast with some brilliant writers and discussed the craft of writing, but I’ve done relatively little in terms of getting my own writing out there. I’ve always been writing, tapping away at the keyboard and producing stories. That has never been in question but until now, I’ve never believed I am a writer.

For me, writers were always professionals, people like Stephen King who spend all day churning out books that sell millions of copies. They weren’t people like me, sitting at home writing stories to amuse myself. Or so I thought until a conversation with my good friend Michael David Wilson and stumbling across a quote from Chuck Palahniuk which validated everything we had discussed. It was (and I paraphrase) –

“Do you write every day? Yeah? Then dude, you’re a fucking writer.”

And that was all the encouragement I needed.

As it stands, I have a number of credits to my name as both a writer and an editor. I’m incredibly proud of all the books that I have been involved in.

My aims for the future are to get as many stories and books out there as I can. I am currently in the final editing phase of producing my first novel. I’ll post about that separately over time. I also have a number of short stories out for submission so hopefully I can use this site to broadcast some good news from time to time!

As well as posting about my own writing, I will be using this site to post about the writing of others. I’ll be posting about things that inspire me, books and films I’ve enjoyed as well as things I’ve learned about writing, editing and publishing over the last few years.

Thanks for stopping by and here’s to the next time.